Written a book, now ready to get it into the hands of the readers who'll love it most?

Join Amazon All-Star Clare Connelly, and best-selling authors Amy Andrews, Ally Blake and Jennifer St George, as they teach you everything you need to start and build your self-publishing career.

Between them they've achieved:

  • once in a lifetime international marketing experiences
  • author-branding expert status with renowned Writing Centres
  • Amazon All-Star status
  • booming newsletter subscriptions
  • and have sold over 10 million books and counting!

You too can enjoy the benefit of their cumulative 75 years of experience in the world of book publishing. You too can live the dream!

What the course covers

Becoming an Amazon All-Star

Clare Connelly talks you through how she became a US and UK Amazon All-Star, while making a six figure income in her first year of self-publishing.

The Self-Publishing Landscape

With our guidance, learn the market. Become familiar with the key concepts you'll need to grasp in order to self-publish with confidence.

Pre-Publication Essentials

Website, newsletter, social media, business approach - learn how to act like an author before you've published your first book.

Self-Publishing Strategy

What genre will you publish in? Are you going to publish narrow or wide? What about foreign translations, audio, boxsets? We will talk you through all the strategic decisions to be made.

Publishing Your Book

We guide you through all the practical nitty gritty such as the blurb, cover design (a make or break), back and front matter, formatting, ISBN, pricing and more.

Publishing and Discoverability

Self-publishing your book is not enough - you also need to make sure you books are 'findable', while also presenting a professional, "on-brand" image, from day one.

Book Promotion

Getting your book into readers' hands requires a plan. We cover reader magnets, Facebook and Amazon ads, blog tours, list services (eg BookBub), signings, promotional materials and more.

Advance Readers and Reviews

One of the best ways to build buzz and get early feedback of your book (that you can use for promotional quotes) is to establish a support crew of readers in your genre. We'll teach you how!

Your Book Launch

It's time to launch your book, yippee! But first you must decide whether to offer pre-orders, to go wide or stick to one sales platform. We offer guidance on the promotional tools that will best ensure your book will fly off the shelves.


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The HOW TO SELF-PUBLISH & SELL course offers 14 weeks' access to the multiple, in depth Video Modules and a downloadable, reusable, custom-built Workbook.

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