Partial Assessment

Great openings hook your readers, editors and agents alike, so you want to get the tone just right. Choose between options for first chapter (to a maximum of 5,000 words) or first three (up to 15000 words) appraisals and garner feedback on how your opening engages and captures a reader's attention.

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Full Manuscript

Have you finished writing your book, and now require a fresh perspective on your entire manuscript? This package offers feedback on genre epxectations, structure, characterisation (including dialogue, goal, motivation and conflict), setting, tone, voice - all aspects of writing craft.

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Submission Package

Selling your book to an editor can hinge on a really punchy synopsis. It needs to be concise and yet somehow, magically, convey tone and vibe, all in a short amount of words. An artform, indeed! If you want help massaging your synopsis into shape, writing a cover letter and nailing your first chapter (up to 5000 words), this option is for you.

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Ask Us Anything

Starting in 2024, the How to Write Academy will be offering one-on-one hour long phone or video chat sessions.

  • Need help with story structure, plotting, enrichening characterisation, heightening tension, deepening conflict? Let us brainstorm with you.
  • Keen to submit to a publisher but need pointers on the most efficient path? Get in touch.
  • Desperate to curate the most effective productive time and space in order to super-charge your writing time? Let us help you create a plan and super charge your word count.

We offer intensive, private, you-focussed sessions to hone in on your most pressing writerly needs.

It's all about you!

What do you need most, right now, in order to propel your writing forward? Our team has expertise in multiple facets of the publishing industry, including:

  • writing craft
  • series creation
  • book marketing
  • publisher submissions
  • self-publishing
  • career longevity

You choose what you'd like to discuss in order to boost your writing potential.

Introductory Offer
$100 USD per one-hour block.

Packages available. Subject to Academy availability.